SLIDE PERFORMANCE > Sonny Landreth - masterful technique..... enjoy.
Great Guitarists - Great Slide
Pura Fe` gorgeous slide sound
Hannes Coetzee,
- spoonslide!
Andrew Winton
- Oz lap steel
Harry Manx - Cigarbox Guitar
Roy Rogers - 12 string slide
Sonny Landreth - masterful slide
Hound Dog Taylor - one and only
Danny Gatton - beer bottle slide !
Manish Pingle - Indian style slide.

Eric Johnson - Eric's slide tips.
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Ace !
Joe Bonamassa - Joe's influences.
Ry Cooder - 'Vigilante Man' live.
Bukka White - powerful stuff.
Bonnie Raitt - tribute to Stevie Ray.
Jerry Byrd - intro to Hawaiian Steel

Jack White - makes a Diddley Bow
Warren Haynes - standard tuning
Seasick Steve - Trance Wonder
Ben Harper - Lap Steel maestro
Eric Sardinas - electric resonator
Dave Hole - Unique technique
Lonnie Pitchford - on Diddley Bow
Will Ray - Stealth Slide maestro
Jerry Douglas - Dobro meister
Jeff Lang - Powerful performer
Xavier Rudd - Balcony lap steel
Kelly Joe Phelps - on Resonator
Rory Block - At the Crossroads
Bottleneck John - Vintage slide
Martin Harley - UK Lap Steel player
Colorblind Slim - Scottish sliders
Sonny Landreth - From the Reach,
Sonny Landreth 'From the Reach'
" I’ve wanted to make this kind of record for a long time – to do an entire album that would feature some of my favorite players as special guests. "

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Sonny Landreth
Sonny Landreth (born February 1, 1951) is an American blues musician from southwest Louisiana who is especially known as a slide guitar player. He was born in Canton, Mississippi, but soon after, his family moved to Jackson, Mississippi, before settling in Lafayette, Louisiana. When he is not touring and performing, he resides in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
Landreth is best known for his slide playing, having developed a technique where he also frets notes and plays chords and chord fragments behind the slide while he plays. Landreth plays with the slide on his little finger, so that his other fingers have more room to fret behind the slide. He's also known for his right-hand technique, which involves tapping, slapping, and picking strings, using all of the fingers on his right hand.

Sonny's trademark slur, he says, emanates from time spent as a schoolboy trumpeter. "The phrasing that comes about from having to take a breath has its own warmth - to me that makes it very vocal. And by slurring you make the most of the phrase and it ends up behind the beat: you anticipate it sometimes and you're on the back of it other times. You elongate even that one beat. If something tastes really good, you can either just scarf it down or you can take your time and reeeaaaaallly stretch the moment."

Sonny Landreth
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